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In Stockholm, it's easy to get to your destination using the various public transport services provided by SL (Stockholms Lokaltrafik). On this page you will find all the important information: where to buy tickets, the current fares for 2020 and what else to consider.

Tickets and points of sale

Already since 2013 there are only electronic tickets instead of paper tickets in Stockholm. These have to be loaded onto a blue plastic card, the SL Access Card. You can get this card for 20 SEK at all SL sales points. Once purchased, the card can be reused every time you visit Stockholm. Single tickets can also be purchased via smartphone using the SL app (for Android and iOS).

Important: Tickets should definitely be purchased before you start your journey. Tickets cannot be purchased on buses, most trams and light rail vehicles or passenger ferries.

Where can I buy tickets?

  • At most metro stops (ticket offices or vending machines).
  • In the shops of Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven
  • In the SL centres, e.g. at T-Centralen
  • By smartphone app (but only single tickets!). For Android and iOS.
With the SL Access Card you can use all public transport in Stockholm. Photo: SophieOst / Shutterstock.com

Prices and fares 2022

There are two different types of tickets you can load onto the SL Access Card: Season tickets and single rides.

Single rides

Since 2017, there are no longer fare zones in Stockholm. A single ticket(enkelbiljett) is therefore valid in the entire city area and is valid for unlimited journeys within 75 minutes. If you need a single ticket more than once, you should load a credit on your SL card (this is then called “Reskassan”), which makes the individual journeys significantly cheaper. Since January 2019, the following prices apply:

Normal price Reduced
Single ticket 45 SEK 31 SEK
Single ticket with credit card (Reskassan) 32 SEK 22 SEK

Season tickets

The simplest and usually cheapest are the time cards(periodbiljetter), each of which can be topped up electronically with the desired validity period. The following tariffs are valid for 2019:

Normal price Reduced
24 hours 130 SEK 90 SEK
72 hours 260 SEK 170 SEK
7 days 335 SEK 225 SEK
30 days 890 SEK 590 SEK
90 days 2,580 SEK 1.700 SEK
Annual pass 9.310 SEK 6,240 SEK

Reduced fare: Those under 20 or over 65 years of age may ride at the reduced fare. Children 7 and under ride for free. The reduced price also applies to students who are enrolled in the Swedish system and can be supported by Centrala studiestödsnämnden (CSN). Other student IDs (e.g. international student card, ISIC) are not recognised.

Transport in Stockholm: buses, trains and boats

The Stockholm Transport Company (SL) has been in existence since 1916 and is not only responsible for the buses, subways (tunnelbana) and commuter trains(pendeltåg), but also operates several passenger ferries and numerous narrow-gauge railways in the Stockholm area:


Timetable and network

Current timetables and further information on public transport in Stockholm can be found online at the SL website

Public transport in Sweden

Public transport in other major Swedish cities differs significantly from the situation in Stockholm. More information can be found here:

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