Adriatic Sea

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The Adriatic Sea, also called the Adriatic Sea, is the long northern bay of the Mediterranean Sea east of Italy. It lies between the Apennine Peninsula to the west and the Balkan Peninsula to the east, and extends south to the Strait of Otranto. Riparian states are Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, also Montenegro and Albania. The upper Adriatic in the northwest is flat with sandy beaches and famous lagoons, for example the Venice lagoon. The west coast ends at the Italian boot heel. The east coast with the Istrian peninsula is mountainous. The Croatian region of Dalmatia occupies a large part of the east coast. In front of it lie far more than a thousand islands. Very warm, dry and constant summers and mild, humid winters determine the climate. The water temperature reaches 23 to 28 °C in August, and in some bays it can even rise to over 30 °C.

Länder an der Adria