Irish Sea

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As a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea lies between Ireland and Great Britain and also partly borders Wales and its St. George's Channel and Scotland. In the southwest, the Irish Sea merges with the Celtic Sea and shimmers in its mystical magic. With a depth of 175 meters and a surface area of 104,000 square meters, the Irish Sea is characterized by tides called the tidal range. The tide near Dublin sometimes reaches a height difference of up to 4 meters. A famous sailing regatta takes place on the Irish Sea every year. The Fastnet race is anything but harmless and in 1979 a severe hurricane caused the capsizing of yachts and boats participating in the competition. Even the rescue teams sent out could do little and some died trying to salvage them. A vacation near the Irish Sea is recommended in beautiful cities like Belfast, Dublin or Galway, Cork or Killarney, which offer culture and history for tourists.

Länder an der Irischen See