Philippine Sea

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One of the deepest seas in the world is the Philippine Sea, reaching more than 10,500 meters from the sea surface to the bottom in the Philippine Trench. This is where the infamous sea-to-air battle between Japan and America took place during the Pacific War. The Philippine Sea forms a secondary sea of the Pacific Ocean and is today popular mainly as a vacation destination, because in it lies the archipelago of the Philippines. The tropical climate, the breathtaking landscape and the turquoise water, which contrasts with the white sand and palm beaches, convey peace and relaxation in a paradisiacal atmosphere. The Philippine Sea also washes up on the magnificent beaches of the Northern Mariana Islands. The beautiful waters there harbor numerous shipwrecks, along with coral reefs, shells and colorful fish. Dives are worthwhile for vacationers especially in Saipan, Rota or Tinian or in the special diving resorts in the Philippines.

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