Sea of Azov

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The Sea of Azov is an inland sea of 37,600 square kilometers with a connection to the Black Sea. Its tributary sea borders Ukraine to the west and north, Russia to the southeast, and the Crimean and Taman peninsulas, which form a strait at least four kilometers wide and 40 kilometers long: the Kerch Strait. From the port city of the same name, travelers can reach the port cities of Berdyansk, Mariupol, Yeisk, Taganrog, Azov and Rostov-on-Don by ship. Due to the constant inflow of fresh water provided by the Kuban and Don rivers, there is a reduced salinity. With a maximum depth of 14 meters, the Sea of Azov is exceptionally shallow, so that in summer water temperatures of over 25 degrees Celsius are achievable. Despite the temperate continental climate, the northern shore freezes into a robust and expanding ice sheet during the winter months.