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If you travel just a short distance by boat from Stockholm towards the Baltic Sea, you suddenly find yourself in a completely different world: the Stockholm Archipelago. The archipelago that separates Stockholm from the open sea consists of more than 24.000 islands. It is the “summer paradise” of the Stockholmers, who already in the middle of the 19th century started to buy idyllic summer houses on the islands.

Stockholm Archipelago

Between Stockholm and the open Baltic Sea lies the unique island world of the Stockholm Archipelago: more than 24,000 islands and rocks combine to form a fantastic world of experience in an area of approx. 1,700 km². Those who are in Stockholm for a few days should best reserve a whole day for an excursion to the archipelago. But also for visitors with less time there is a great destination: the Fjäderholmarna. Of course, the most beautiful thing is to stay overnight on one of the islands and spend several days in the archipelago.

Excursion to the Fjäderholmarna

The Fjäderholmarna are small archipelago islands that can be reached by boat in only 20 minutes from Stockholm city centre. The small islands are ideal for a bathing trip, a picnic, a café or restaurant visit. There is also a brewery, a chocolate factory and several small shops with handicrafts.

The archipelago is served by several operators:

Accommodation in the archipelago

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