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Stockholm is extremely child-friendly. Every restaurant is equipped with high chairs, in many shopping malls there are retreats where you can breastfeed, change or feed in peace. Often there is even a microwave ready!

Otherwise, there are numerous playgrounds across the city with many play opportunities for very young and also older children. For example in Hummlegarden (T-Bana: Östermalmstorg): what looks like the playground of a kindergarten from the outside is actually open to the public! The playground equipment such as pedalos, balls and sandbox accessories are also free to use.
There is also a well-hidden public playground in Gamla Stan: behind the German St. Gertruds Church. From T-Bana Gamla Stan, walk up Tyska Brinken to the church, but turn right into Prästgatan just before. A gate on the left in a wall hides the newly installed playground!
At the T-Bana “Kristineberg” there is an oversized children’s paddling pool, in the Marabouparken (Pendeltag or T-Bana Sundbyberg) also. Both can be used free of charge and are highly recommended on hot days!

A great spot in the middle of the city is the “Rum för Barn” in the Kulturhuset. Here there is a big library for children-with books in all kinds of languages, tables for painting, space for picnics, and much more. I have also seen that the librarian could help out with diapers… By the way, admission is free here as well! And as the icing on the cake, there is a small restaurant on the roof of the Kulturhuset, even with lunch. Of course not only for children! Here you have a great view of the Sergels Torg, the Ahléns and can watch the hustle and bustle of the city from above.

Many families are drawn to Junibacken, the Astrid Lindgren Museum. This is indeed worth a visit, but the entrance fee is really expensive and in my opinion only worthwhile for children who already know the books by Astrid Lindgren well. Then there is a lot to discover here!
The entrance fees are currently: adults 125:- SEK, children from three years (!) 110:- SEK, students and pensioners 110:- SEK. Stockholmers have it good, they can buy an annual ticket: this is then relatively a real bargain (220:- for adults, 195:- for children).

Skansen – an absolute highlight for everyone! There is an open-air museum, a zoo with “Nordic animals” (bears, a moose, etc.), cafés, restaurants, picnic areas, museums… A really worthwhile destination! By the way, Stockholm kids who want to say goodbye to their pacifiers bring them to the cat bays in Skansen!