The best credit cards 2021 in comparison

Whether for travel or shopping online: Credit cards are simple, secure, and often offer many additional benefits such as free cash withdrawals and comprehensive insurance benefits. On this page we show you what types of credit cards there are and what you should look for when looking for a new credit card.

Barclaycard Visa

Aktion: 50 Euro Startguthaben
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Kostenlose Abhebungen weltweit
  • Keine Gebühren bei Fremdwährung

American Express Platinum Card

Aktion: 30.000 Punkte Willkommensbonus
  • Mit jedem Umsatz Punkte sammeln
  • Punkte in diverse Vielfliegerprogramme übertragbar
  • Zugang zu über 1.200 Flughafen Lounges
  • Umfangreiches Versicherungspaket

Hanseatic Bank GenialCard

Aktion: 30 Euro Startguthaben
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Kostenlose Abhebungen weltweit
  • Keine Gebühren im Ausland

DKB credit card

  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Kostenloses Girokonto
  • Kostenlose Abhebungen weltweit

TF Mastercard Gold

  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • inklusive Reiseversicherungen

Miles & More Mastercard Gold

Aktion: 4.000 Meilen Willkommensbonus
  • Meilen vor Verfall geschützt
  • Prämien- und Statusmeilen sammeln
  • 2 Euro Umsatz = 1 Meile
  • Umfangreiche Reise-Versicherungen
  • Apple Pay und Google Pay

Advanzia Mastercard Gold free of charge

  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Weltweit kostenfreie Zahlungen
  • Wichtige Reiseversicherungen inklusive
  • Kostenfreier Kredit bis zu sieben Wochen

N26 credit card

  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Kostenfreie Zahlungen weltweit
  • Kostenfreie Bargeldabhebungen
  • Girokonto inklusive

American Express Payback Card

Aktion: 4.000 Punkte extra
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Dauerhaft ohne Jahresgebühr
  • Mit jedem Umsatz Punkte sammeln
  • 1 Punkt pro 2 Euro Umsatz

Comdirect credit card

  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte
  • Kostenlos Bargeld abheben
  • inkl. kostenloses Girokonto
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

Black&White Prepaid Mastercard

  • ohne Jahresgebühr
  • ohne Schufa-Abfrage
  • zwei Kreditkarten in einem

Amazon credit card

Aktion: 40 Euro Startguthaben
  • Kostenlose Kreditkarte als Prime Mitglied
  • 3% Cashback auf Amazon Käufe
  • 0,5% Cashback auf alle anderen Käufe

Viabuy Prepaid Mastercard

  • ohne Schufa-Abfrage
  • Apple Pay
  • Kartenversand innerhalb von 24 h
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  1. What is a credit card?
  2. What types of credit cards are there?
    1. Free credit cards
    2. Credit cards to collect miles
    3. Cashback credit cards
    4. Premium credit cards
    5. Business credit cards
  3. Questions and answers (FAQ)

What is a credit card?

Credit cards can be used worldwide (similar to a Girocard / EC card) for payments, cash withdrawals and online shopping. The technical infrastructure is provided by the so-called credit card providers:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

With a classic credit card, you can pay by credit card (up to a fixed upper limit), but the settlement takes place only a few weeks or months later. A typical example of this are the credit cards from American Express.

With so-called debit cards, the credit card is directly linked to your current account. When you use your credit card to pay, the amount is debited from your account immediately or within a few days. Well-known examples are the credit cards of many direct banks, such as DKB or Comdirect.

A third variant is the so-called prepaid credit card. Here you first have to transfer money as credit to the card.

What types of credit cards are there?

The credit cards of most banks can be very well divided into certain categories. Such a classification is very useful, because within each category the offers of different providers can be compared much better.

Free credit cards

Credit cards without annual fee are usually called free credit cards and are among the most popular and most requested credit cards of all.

Some of these cards also allow free cash withdrawals (often worldwide) and also do not charge fees when paying in foreign currency. These include, for example, the free Barclaycard and the free Hanseatic Bank credit card.
Meanwhile, a lot of credit cards are marketed under the label “free credit card”, but not all of them are really recommendable. If you are faced with the question of which free credit card is right for you, you should consider the following things:

  • For which purposes do you need the credit card? Only for shopping on the Internet or also for withdrawing cash?
  • Do you need a credit card with a credit line that gives you financial flexibility like an overdraft facility. Or do you want it to be easy to bill and have all funds debited from your checking account in a timely manner?
  • Check out our free credit card comparison.

Credit cards to earn miles

Cashback credit cards

Cashback means that you get a portion of your credit card purchases back in the form of cash. Shop and get cashback on the side?

Premium credit cards

Credit cards in gold, platinum or even black (like the legendary Centurion Card from American Express) are so-called premium cards that offer numerous additional services. These include extensive insurance packages, free entry to exclusive lounges or even a 24-hour concierge service.

In the past, these cards were often also a status symbol for the owner – but today you are unlikely to amaze anyone with your platinum card. That’s because premium cards have gone mainstream and are affordable for everyone. Some of them are even free of charge, such as the golden Mastercard from TF Bank.

Even though most premium credit cards cost an annual fee, they are often the most attractive deals around. With the right card, you can recoup many times the annual fee, saving a lot of money on your bottom line.

Credit cards for the self-employed and freelancers

Anyone who has registered a business or works freelance should pay particular attention to choosing the right credit card. Because in these cases, a large part of the business turnover can often be charged to the credit card.
With a good reward program, such as American Express offers explicitly for business customers, rewards worth several thousand euros can be earned in a year. Our tip for business customers is therefore clearly the Platinum Business Credit Card from American Express.

Fragen und Antworten (FAQ)

Kann ich mehrere Kreditkarten besitzen?

Grundsätzlich ist das kein Problem, in vielen Fällen kann eine zweite oder dritte Karte sogar sehr sinnvoll sein. Gerade die Kombination aus Premium-Kreditkarte (für Service und Meilen sammeln) und kostenloser Kreditkarte (zum kostenlosen Abheben von Bargeld) ist mittlerweile sehr beliebt.

Welche Rolle spielt die Schufa bei einer Kreditkarte?

Die Schufa ist ein privates Unternehmen, das die Kreditwürdigkeit von Verbrauchern bewertet. Wenn Du eine Kreditkarte beantragst, wird von der Bank eigentlich immer eine Schufaauskunft angefordert, um deine Bonität zu bewerten. Einzige Ausnahme sind Prepaid-Kreditkarten.