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The island of Stadsholmen

Stadsholmen, the “city island”, is the largest of the three islands over which Stockholm’s oldest district Gamla Stan stretches (along with Helgeandsholmen and Strömsborg). The houses and street network from the Middle Ages, with small, narrow streets, immerse the visitor in a bygone world that is unique in all of Scandinavia.


Castles and palaces

In addition to the old medieval core, the island is characterised by magnificent baroque and classicist splendour from the Swedish period of great power:


The churches on Stadsholmen are also magnificent:

  • St.Nicholas Church (Storkyrka), the cathedral church of Stockholm
  • St. Gertrud (Tyska Kyrka), the church of the oldest German parish abroad


Stadsholmen is connected to the mainland and the neighbouring islands by several bridges: