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The islands of Stockholm

Perhaps the most important element in Stockholm is water. Nestled between the Baltic Sea and the Mälaren, the Swedish capital stretches over 14 islands, one third of Stockholm’s area consists of water. There are many more islands in the Stockholm archipelago: approximately 30.000 small and big islands are located between Stockholm and the open Baltic Sea and form the so-called Stockholm archipelago. The most important islands of Stockholm are presented on this page.


Old Town

The medieval old town of Stockholm
The Gamla Stan district is the historic centre of Stockholm. The beautiful old town, surrounded by water, is by far the city's most important attraction with its winding medieval streets, pastel-coloured houses, the royal castle and magnificent churches and palaces.


Museums, attractions and lots of nature
Djurgården is an island and district in central Stockholm. It is home to many of the city's major attractions, including the Vasa Museum, Gröna Lund amusement park, Abba Museum and Skansen open-air museum.
Riddarholmen is a small island in the Mälaren, which together with Gamla Stan forms the historical centre of Stockholm. In addition to the medieval Riddarholmskyrkan, one of Stockholm's most famous landmarks, the island is home to several 17th century aristocratic palaces.

The island of Skeppsholmen

The Museum Island in the centre of Stockholm
Skeppsholmen is a small island in the centre of Stockholm. It is connected to the mainland (the Blasieholmen peninsula) via a bridge, the Skeppsholmsbron, and to the island of Kastellholmen via another bridge, the Kastellholmsbron. On Skeppsholmen, there are 4 museums, that is why the ...

The island of Stadsholmen

The island on which Stockholm was founded
Stadsholmen, the "city island", is the largest of the three islands over which Stockholm's oldest district Gamla Stan stretches (along with Helgeandsholmen and Strömsborg). The houses and street network from the Middle Ages, with small, narrow streets, immerse the visitor in a bygone world that is unique in all ...

The island of Helgeandsholmen

Seat of the Swedish Parliament
The island Helgeandsholmen in the Norrström forms together with the islands Stadsholmen and Strömsborg the district Gamla Stan. In the Middle Ages, the island consisted of three small islands that were filled in over time.