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There are not many reasons why you should not travel to Thuringia. After all, it is home to Wartburg Castle, an important piece of German history, and Weimar, one of the most important sites of German culture. The fact that the state in the middle of Germany has a capital city worth seeing, the Hainich National Park, a green lung, and the Kyffhäuser, an exciting low mountain range with many recreational opportunities, are further arguments in favor of a visit. In addition, Thuringia has a remarkable number of castles and palaces and offers a variety of landscapes that invite you to switch off and relax.

Sights in Thuringia

If you are traveling in Thuringia, you should not miss the most interesting and impressive sights. It is guaranteed to be worthwhile to have the camera ready, no matter whether it goes, for example, to the Dragon Gorge, the waterfall or the Wartburg. Each of the listed destinations in Thuringia has its own special charm and offers its own attractive atmosphere.

The Dragon Gorge is certainly one of the most popular highlights and is an extremely attractive destination, especially for hikers. Here, hikers experience nature at its purest when they march through the imposing rock faces, and perhaps a real fire salamander can be seen here and there. The moss stones and pads alone are worth a trip, because they provide habitats for various animal species.

As another highlight in the context of a successful excursion destination, the picturesque Wartburg Castle can be mentioned and here not only castle lovers get their money’s worth. The interesting thing about the monument is above all certainly that the castle seems enormously steeped in history, because since the year 1067, among other things, great writers and reformists have stayed here. It is not for nothing that this particular castle has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for many years.

The tour continues with the Landgrafenschlucht (Landgrave’s Gorge), which is altogether softer and gentler than the Drachenschlucht (Dragon’s Gorge), but still does not lose anything in terms of visual attractiveness. This gorge is also suitable for inexperienced hikers, as it offers wide and pedestrian-friendly paths.

If you are in Thuringia, you should also definitely pay a visit to the large dragon stone. This stone is worth seeing in itself and there is also an ancient oak tree with a resting place. The overview of the surrounding natural beauty is overwhelming here and can be enjoyed to the fullest.

The Trusetal waterfall is particularly atmospheric, even though it is not a natural phenomenon, but an artificial one. The view and atmosphere are worth a trip in any case and in hot weather the water offers a refreshing element.

Equally impressive might be the “Red Shot”, which with its more than 500 meters is a remarkable landmark of Thuringia. The red natural stone is a real feast for the eyes and compensates for any hiking efforts.

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