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Travel Guide Tønder

A varied history has made Tondern (Danish: Tønder) one of the best known cities in Denmark. In the Middle Ages, Tønder was an economic center with its harbor, but over the centuries maritime trade has been increasingly relegated to the background due to the silting up of the ship berths. In the search for new business, lace-making became an integral part of town life, to which exhibitions and small stores still bear witness today. The town has a population of around eight thousand and is known as the “shopping queen” of Denmark, where shopping is truly celebrated. In addition to the main town, it is worth taking a detour to nearby Mogeltonder, which enchants visitors with its thatched-roof houses and beautiful streets. Schackenborg Castle is worth a detour, as are the late Gothic monastery buildings. Tønder itself attracts with the Drøhses Hus, a house from the baroque period, where exhibitions take place. Besides all the little places and sights, Tønder has become known as a marriage paradise, because you can get married there in an unbureaucratic and recognized way, which brings a so-called “wedding tourism”. Two other dates should be remembered. The “Tondern Festival” in August, which is considered the largest folk festival in the world, is one of the two dates. Mind you, this festival takes place in a settlement that houses under ten thousand inhabitants. And then there is the Christmas market, which has made Tønder the Danish “Christmas capital”.

Weather in Tønder

Der Wetterbericht für Tønder am 16.05.2022: tagsüber wird durchschnittlich eine Temperatur von 13 °C erreicht, nachts kühlen die Temperaturen auf bis zu 7 °C ab.

Wetter am 17.05.2022: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
14° 12°
Wetter am 18.05.2022: sonnig
19° 14°
Wetter am 19.05.2022: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
19° 16°
Wetter am 20.05.2022: wechselhaft, leichte Schauer möglich
15° 10°
Wetter am 21.05.2022: gewittrige Schauer möglich
Wetter am 22.05.2022: wolkig

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