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If you want to travel directly to Norway, you have to cross the Skagerrak somehow. This is the part of the North Sea that separates Denmark and Norway. The easiest way to do this is by ferry or plane, but you can also get to Norway overland via Sweden.

By car to Norway

When travelling to Norway with your own car, the first question is whether to drive as many road kilometres as possible and cross the sea only on the shortest (and therefore relatively cheap) ferry routes. Or whether a correspondingly more expensive "sea voyage" should be chosen instead of possible land connections. Since completion of the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, one can also get to Norway without a ferry.

Tip for car drivers: In Norway, mainly the numbered national roads (Riksweg) and, in the vicinity of some larger cities, the motorways and motorways (Motorveg) are important. In the mountains of southern Norway and along rocky fjord shores, the roads are often narrow and winding. Here, good driving technique is a prerequisite for safe and enjoyable riding. Note: When encountering difficult places, the uphill rider always has the right of way.

Saving tips for the bridge passages: Chips/keys/transponders of the Northern European consortium "Easy Go" with Brobizz (Denmark), Bropas (Øresund Bridge) and Autopass (Norway) are accepted.
If you want to combine the Øresund Bridge with a ferry connection on the Vogelfluglinie, you should order a combined ticket for the ferry and bridge passage.

By ferry to Norway

Probably the most beautiful journey to Norway. You can find all information about the journey by ferry in our article: By ferry to Norway

By plane to Norway

In the Scandinavian area there is a relatively dense flight network. All larger towns up to Lapland are easy to reach - especially with connecting flights from the country's capital Oslo. The most important airport is located here. It offers up to 140 scheduled flights. However, you should be prepared to change planes one or more times to get to your final destination.

All major cities have airports. From more than 50 airports you have the opportunity to travel to remote places such as the Lofoten Islands or the North Cape.


Take the train to Norway

Travelling by train is the most expensive alternative. From Berlin you pay about 320 Euro for a train ticket in 2nd class. In general, this option is only recommended if you have a lot of time or are a fan of train travel. The railway network in Norway is not as extensive as in the neighbouring countries. But the Norwegian Railways (NSB) have modern electric and diesel trains. The tourist coaches with reclining seats are among the most comfortable in Europe.

The railway network in Norway consists of the following five railway lines:

By long-distance bus to Norway

Buses play an important role in Norwegian travel. However, when travelling by long-distance bus, plan for at least 16 hours of travel time. The bus journey can start in Hamburg. Destinations are Oslo (15 hours) and Stavanger (19 hours).
Good to know: Meanwhile, you often pay more by bus than for a ferry passage or for a plane ticket.
You can plan your trip by long-distance bus with "NOR-WAY Bussekpress" ( or
Oslo can be easily reached by long-distance bus from most major cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The buses almost always run at night.

Inland, where the railways do not go on, buses carry passengers: between the valleys in the east, over the mountain passes to the fjords, from fjord to fjord and into the far north. The drivers are efficient, careful and courteous, but rarely speak foreign languages. Your expectation to learn more about the sights during the bus ride is not likely to be fulfilled.

What is the best way to get there?

No matter how you explore the country, you can expect magnificent landscape impressions.
A good orientation is provided by the city of Trondheim. South of Trondheim, the car is usually used, including the ferry crossing. North of Trondheim, you usually plan your trip by plane.

In our opinion, "Norwegian Air" offers the best price-performance ratio for air travel. Nevertheless, a constant price comparison is worthwhile. Please note that rental cars in Norway are somewhat more expensive than in Germany.

A final estimation of the journey time seems to be relative. The ferry crossing is both entertaining and comfortable. Free of any stress you reach your destination. The costs remain manageable. In any case, they are significantly lower than the cost of travelling by plane, bus or train. In the price ratio to the journey by car via bridge passages, they hardly differ.

Ultimately, the final decision is based on your preferences. If you like to tour from place to place, you will feel most comfortable in a motorhome. The bridge route is a comfortable way to get to Norwegian territory in your own vehicle. In most cases, you will have determined your route and chosen your accommodation accordingly.
Others enjoy the crossing with the ferry and sail relaxed into the land of the fjords.