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To get from Germany, Austria or Switzerland to Stockholm, you do not necessarily have to get on a plane. There are a variety of options and routes for travelling to the Swedish capital.

What means of transport do I use to get to Stockholm?

Most tourists come to Stockholm by plane. Very popular are also the arrival by car or train, large parts of the route can be covered on a ferry. Increasingly popular are also long-distance buses and cruises to Stockholm.

Public transport and transfer to the airport

For a part of the journey to Stockholm, many people use the well developed public means of transport. On the following pages, we have summarized all important information about the public transport in Stockholm. You will also find out how to get from the airport (Arlanda or Skavsta) to the city centre.

The cheapest way to Stockholm

Travelling by plane is not only the fastest option, with good planning it can also be very cheap. With Ryanair and other budget airlines you can get tickets for less than 20 euros (one way, without luggage) on some days, but with a little luck you can also get a return flight from Lufthansa including all taxes and fees in economy light fare for as little as 125 euros.

For those who have time and like to travel by bus, travelling by long-distance bus is an interesting option. At Flixbus, there are already tickets for less than 15 euros on some days.

The fastest journey to Stockholm

The question of the fastest way to get there is relatively easy to answer: the fastest way to get to Stockholm is clearly with a direct flight to the airport Arlanda and then continuing to the city centre of Stockholm with the Arlanda Express (duration approximately 20 minutes). A flight from Frankfurt to Stockholm takes only 2 hours, from Hamburg it is even only 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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