The Swedish province of Värmland

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Wildlife, forests and water - that's Värmland. The sparsely populated region is not only one of the most popular vacation destinations in Sweden. Located in the west, with a long border with Norway, Värmland is praised mainly for its unspoiled nature and nature reserves.

Land of a thousand lakes

For many people traveling to Sweden, the wilderness experience is one of the reasons they choose Värmland. Nature highlights include, for example, a wilderness trekking tour over hundreds of kilometers from shelter to shelter through the Glaskogen nature reserve. Or a canoe trip from lake to lake to explore the many interconnected waters with their thousands of islands.

Lake Vänern stretches endlessly in the south, incidentally the largest inland lake in Western Europe, and with its 22,000 islands gives a taste of the richness of a region also called the “Swedish wilderness”. Get down with wolf, lynx, bear, wolverine and moose, plus many other species of wild birds.

Spectacular is also the river Klarälven, which flows through the country in a north-south direction. The “lifeline of Värmland” can be conquered with your own kayak or with a self-built raft, as offered by organizers. You can start or end the tour in Karlstad, the capital of Värmland. The beautiful university town lies directly on the shore of Lake Vänern and, like other Värmland towns such as Charlottenberg or Filipstad, offers cultural variety.

Open fire and bacon pancakes

Camping cabin, cottage or log cabin – the accommodations in the grandiose nature have their very own charm. Adventurers sometimes prefer just a boat, which is ported overland for stretches – and under certain circumstances you may not see a soul far and wide for days on end. But the idea of being completely alone has its own appeal. You set out early in the morning for fishing or roam the deep primeval forests.

In winter you can even go skiing in Branäs or Valfjället in Eda in the north of Värmland, Torsby even offers an opportunity for summer skiing. In fact, one vacation will not be enough to try everything that the Värmland region has to offer.

Mårbacka – home of a Nobel Prize winner.

Sweden from above: What today would be managed with drones, was achieved by a woman in the early 20th century: Selma Lagerlöf. In 1909, she became the first woman ever to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Her best-known works include The Wonderful Journey of Little Nils Holgersson with the Wild Geese.

On the back of the wild geese, Nils Holgersson flies over the entire country – and thus learns about the regions, culture, fairy tales, legends and customs of Sweden. The book, which has been translated into more than thirty languages, was school reading and still conveys knowledge about the homeland in a wonderfully lively way – completely without drones.

Near Sunne in central Värmland stands the house where Selma Lagerlöf lived and wrote: Mårbacka. The beautifully situated country house is now a museum and can be visited daily in the summer, otherwise on weekends. Other idyllic manor houses such as Alsters Herrgård, Gustaf Fröding’s home, offer a similar experience.

Cities and sights in Värmland