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Even the Romans knew of the hot springs that made Wiesbaden, with its ideal location between the Taunus and the Rhine, one of Europe's leading health resorts in the 19th century .

Casino Wiesbaden

The casino in Wiesbaden is one of the most famous and traditional casinos in Germany. Since 1810 the casino has been located in the magnificent old Kurhaus. Here already the famous writer Dostojewski gambled his money, which inspired him to his famous novel "The Gambler".

Capital of Hesse

Since 1945 Wiesbaden has been the capital of the then newly founded state of Hesse. From 1806 until its annexation by Prussia in 1866, Wiesbaden was also the capital and seat of government of the Duchy of Nassau.

Hot springs

The Romans already used the many hot springs, but Wiesbaden only became really famous as a health resort in the 19th century. As a "world spa town" and the "Nice of the North", Wiesbaden became a popular place to stay for the European aristocracy.

Guide to Wiesbaden

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