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With a current population of around 127,000, the capital of the Bavarian administrative district of Lower Franconia, located in the fertile "Maindreieck" region known for viticulture, ranks seventh among all cities in the blue-and-white state. The mild microclimate as well as the location on the river led to the first Celtic settlements in the city area, which today covers a good 87 km², as early as about 2,000 years ago. Towards the middle of the 8th century, Würzburg became a bishop's seat and an important trading center, and in 1402 the Hohe Schule (High School) was founded as a precursor to the university. The former residence of the prince bishops is considered one of the most beautiful baroque castles in Germany and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 13th-century Marienberg Fortress on the Michaelsberg is also often visited.

Where is Würzburg?

Würzburg is a German city in the northwest of the federal state of Bavaria, around 220 km northwest of the state capital München. There are about 128.000 inhabitants living in Würzburg.

Würzburg also includes the formerly independent municipalities of Rottenbauer, Unterdürrbach, Oberdürrbach, Lengfeld and Versbach.

Weather in Würzburg

Der Wetterbericht für Würzburg am 24.03.2023: Ganztägig instabile Wetterverhältnisse. Zeitweise besteht die Möglichkeit von Regen bei Temperaturen von 11 bis 14 Grad und mäßigem Wind aus Südwest bis West. tagsüber wird durchschnittlich eine Temperatur von 8 °C erreicht, nachts kühlen die Temperaturen auf bis zu -1 °C ab.

Wetter am 25.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
Wetter am 26.03.2023: regnerisch, Auflockerungen möglich
Wetter am 27.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schneeregenschauer möglich
Wetter am 28.03.2023: wolkig
Wetter am 29.03.2023: wechselhaft, leichte Schauer möglich
Wetter am 30.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
19° 12°

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