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Copenhagen is also a city of churches. Since there are hardly any high-rise buildings, the numerous church towers tower over the roofs of the city and shape the cityscape of Copenhagen. On this page we present you the most beautiful churches in Copenhagen.

Holmens Church

Church of the Danish Royal Family
Holmens Church
Holmens Kirke is a baroque church in the old town of Copenhagen. It is the church of the Danish royal family and is located on the Holmens Canal, directly opposite Christiansborg Castle. ...
Saint Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church has been the home of Copenhagen's German-speaking Evangelical Lutheran congregation for over 400 years. Centrally located opposite the Vor Frue Kirke cathedral, the church is a defining feature of the city and an integral part of the cityscape. As the oldest preserved church in the city centre, the ...
Church of the Holy Spirit
The Helligåndskirken is the Copenhagen Holy Spirit Church. The Lutheran parish church is located in the center of the Danish capital. It was built around 1300 and belonged to a Catholic monastery until the Reformation. Like many buildings in Copenhagen, it suffered severe damage in the city fire of 1728. Among ...
Church of Our Lady
Vor Frue Kirke is the Copenhagen Church of Our Lady and also Copenhagen Cathedral. It is the main church of the Danish People's Church in the Diocese of Copenhagen. Christian Frederik Hansen completed it by 1829 in the classicist style. Religious predecessor buildings on this site had fallen victim to fires.
Trinity Church
Trinitatis Kirke (Trinity Church) in Copenhagen's Old Town is a complex of buildings that also includes the former university library and Rundetårn.

Frederik's Church

The marble church in the center of Copenhagen
Frederik's Church
Near the famous Amalienborg Palace lies the Frederiks Kirke. The historic "marble church" with its monumental dome characterizes the cityscape and the silhouette of Copenhagen. Not least because of its special history, Frederik's Church is considered a tourist attraction.

Aleksander Nevsky Church

The Russian Orthodox St. Alexander Nevsky Church in Copenhagen
Aleksander Nevsky Church
The Alexander Newskij Kirke is a Russian Orthodox church in the city centre of Copenhagen. It was once donated to the Russian Orthodox parish by Princess Dagmar.

Saint Ansgar's Church

The Catholic Cathedral Church of Copenhagen
Saint Ansgar's Church
The Roman Catholic diocese of the Danish capital Copenhagen has one of the most extensive and geographically largest jurisdictions in the world. It covers not only Denmark but also Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The Cathedral of Saint Ansgar at Bredgade 64 is the Episcopal Church of the Scandinavian country and ...
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