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Aruba is an autonomous island in the Caribbean that belongs to the Netherlands. The island is manageable and measures just 30 kilometers. But in international tourism, the island is almost a giant. Those who choose this Caribbean destination have a flair for elegance and a touch of luxury. It is a faraway domicile, a holiday wonderland with modern hotel complexes and resorts of the highest order. All of this lends itself to relaxing under palm trees, and in the southwest of the island, locals and guests alike will find beaches that you'd think stretched to the horizon. The sand there is pristine white and fine-grained, and surfers from all over the world flock off the coast. Even in the rainy season, the sky rarely opens its doors.

Aruba at a glance

Area193 km2
ContinentSouth America
CurrencyAruban Florin (AWG)

Guide to Aruba

Two words sound like a program on Aruba: “Bon Bini”. Anyone who has ever been to this beautiful Caribbean island knows what that means: “Welcome”. The fact that Aruba disappeared from the map of international tourism as a white spot is thanks to resourceful holiday managers. They quickly realized that this island on South America’s doorstep had a lot to offer. It was formerly the historic territory of the Caquetio Indians of the Arawak tribe, who came from the mainland and fished off the coasts of Aruba and gathered berries on the island.

American businessmen were the first to scent a source of income here more than half a century ago. Meanwhile, Aruba fulfills the dream of a carefree stay under the Caribbean sun. The average annual air temperature is 27 degrees, and the turquoise sea is almost always at the same temperature. Aruba also enjoys the fact that this happy island is located outside the hurricane belt of the tropics.

So beach vacations remain unclouded. Snorkelers and divers are taken with the conditions in the sheltered bays with their dazzling underwater worlds and great coral reefs. “Eagle Beach” in the northwest is one of the preferred spots for sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts. There, the so-called “palapas”, the umbrellas, offer protection from the rays of the sun. The windsurfers find themselves on Aruba above all in the areas “Palm Beach” and “Fishermans` Hut”, where the shallow sea also suits the beginners. At the “Baby Beach” with its blue lagoon, families can splash around with their children in the warm water without hesitation.