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Australia is the only country on earth that encompasses an entire continent. For a long period of history, Australia was isolated from the rest of the world. Today, this is a kind of land of longing for people seeking great freedom, and hardly anyone will remember that Australia was once a region where people forfeited their freedom. For England's convicts, this was a place of exile at the end of the world.

Australia at a glance

Area7686850 km2
CurrencyAustralian Dollar (AUD)

Guide to Australia

One of the oldest land masses on earth is a playground of nature and a showcase of the earth’s history. Nothing has been able to shake the image of Australia in the past centuries. Neither the birth of this nation in the chains of convicts, nor the long-practiced persecution of indigenous people.

The people of European immigrants bowed down to them at the 2000 Olympic Games, when a certain Cathy Freeman was allowed to light the fire in Sydney and became an icon of her people, the Aborigines, by winning the 400-meter final. Today, those who travel to this vast country on holiday are also taking on a sporting challenge and professing a kind of tyranny of distances. This continent is a playground of evolution with a wealth of animals and experiences.

7,500 kilometres long is the coastal strip in Queensland. With glorious white beaches, thousands of small islands in the Great Barrier Reef, tropical rainforests and spectacular fauna. In the outback, all who spend time there experience the proverbial solitude and silence of a landscape with people whose neighbours live beyond the horizon. The red sand dunes of the Simpson Desert are the only elevations worth mentioning there, and if you are a holidaymaker and don’t have enough time for a longer stay, you should entrust yourself to a pilot. If it rains once in this country, even the water drops are warm – this is also a peculiarity of the Australian climate. The pretty settlements behind the beaches are retreats for people who feel particularly comfortable when they are far away from the worries of everyday life.

In Australia, it has long been recognized that nature is mankind’s greatest luxury. And that’s why some time ago the authorities placed the world-famous island mountain Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the southwest of the Northern Territory under protection. It is a sanctuary of the Aborigines, of great spiritual importance to them and may no longer be climbed.

Australia – but that is not only the vast expanse of the outback. Australia’s pride is its fascinating cities. Sydney’s rise from the scene of the British convict colony to the dazzling world metropolis is undoubtedly remarkable. The Opera House, with its white clam-shell-like roof structure, is a postcard motif.

Because Sydney and Melbourne once could not agree on the seat of government, Canberra was entrusted with the dignity of a capital city when the Australian Confederation was formed in 1901. It is the only metropolis in the country that is not located on the coast. One thing should be taken to heart as a vacationer in Australia: Those who want to experience the myth of Australia should bring patience and time.