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Already from Babylonian sources historians drew the knowledge that Bahrain, located on the northeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, was settled in the 3rd millennium BC. The Persians later occupied what is now a constitutional monarchy. The country was under a British protectorate until independence between 1867 and 1971. After years of unrest, the country has since decided on a cautious democratic opening. Although the production of oil cannot keep up with the other Arab states, the country's economy nevertheless developed well. In the era of the Sumerians, pearl fishing was the main source of income for Bahrain. The jewels from the sea were considered the most beautiful in the world, but when cultured pearls from Japan conquered the international market, interest in pearls from Bahrain declined. The capital Menama was the first modern city in the Gulf. The excavation sites of Kalat al-Baheain on the north coast of the island are important for tourism.

Bahrain at a glance

Area665 km2
CurrencyBahraini Dinar (BHD)