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Heidelberg is a German city in Baden-Württemberg with approx. 161.000 inhabitants.

Hotels in Heidelberg

Activities & Sights

Museums (57)

  1. Kurpfälzisches Museum
  2. Heidelberger Kunstverein
    • Website: www.hdkv.de
    • Distance to the center: 0.3 km
    • Show on map
    • Adress: Hauptstraße 97, 69117 Heidelberg, Deutschland
  3. Universitätsmuseum
  4. Universität Heidelberg - Alte Universität
  5. Antikensammlung
  6. Deutsches Verpackungs-Museum
  7. Stiftung Reichspräsident-Friedrich-Ebert-Gedenkstä
  8. Museum Haus Cajeth
  9. Dokumentations- und Kulturzentrum Deutscher Sinti
  10. Sammlung Prinzhorn
  11. Deutsches Apotheken-Museum
  12. Schloss Heidelberg
  13. "KÖRPERWELTEN Museum ""Anatomie des Glücks"" "
    • Website: koerperwelten.de
    • Distance to the center: 1 km
    • Show on map
    • Adress: Altes Hallenbad, Poststraße 36/5, 69115 Heidelberg, Deutschland
  14. Völkerkundemuseum der J. & E. von Portheim-Stiftun
  15. Carl Bosch Museum Heidelberg
  16. Botanischer Garten der Universität Heidelberg
  17. Kartonmodell-Museum Heidelberg
  18. Textilsammlung Max Berk
  19. Heimatmuseum Dossenheim
  20. Portland Forum am Herrenberg
  21. Heimatmuseum Sandhausen
  22. Museum Théo Kerg
  23. Heimatmuseum Bammental
  24. Ruine Hinterburg
    • Website:
    • Distance to the center: 9.5 km
    • Show on map
    • Adress: Ruine Hinterburg, Burgenweg, 69239 Neckarsteinach, Deutschland
  25. Antoniushof Museum und Kulturzentrum
  26. Lobdengau-Museum
  27. Heimat- und Kulturkreis Oftersheim e.V.
  28. Carl-Benz-Haus
  29. Museum Blau
  30. Burgfeste Dilsberg
  31. Heimatmuseum Wiesenbach
  32. Schloss Schwetzingen
  33. XYLON -Museum + Werkstätten e.V.
  34. Homo heidelbergensis von Mauer e.V.
  35. Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz
  36. Astorhaus
  37. Alte Schulstube
  38. Heimatmuseum Ketsch
  39. Hockenheim-Ring GmbH
  40. Langbein Museum
  41. Tabakmuseum
  42. Museum Weinheim
  43. "Gasthaus ""Zum Löwen"""
  44. Winzermuseum
  45. Museum Viernheim
  47. Kunstverein Viernheim
  48. Heimatmuseum Neidenstein
  49. Planetarium Mannheim gGmbH
  50. museum epfenbach
  51. Altes Rathaus St.Leon
  52. Museumshaus
  53. John Deere Forum
    • Website: www.deere.de
    • Distance to the center: 17.9 km
    • Show on map
    • Adress: John-Deere-Straße 70, 68163 Mannheim, Deutschland
  54. Heimatmuseum Hoffenheim
  55. Turmuhrenmuseum Neulußheim
  56. Kunsthalle Mannheim
    • Website: www.kuma.art
    • Distance to the center: 18.3 km
    • Show on map
    • Adress: Friedrichsplatz 4, 68165 Mannheim, Deutschland
  57. Willi Heinlein

Zoos (13)

  1. Tinnunculus Falknerei
  2. Zoo Heidelberg
  3. Vogelpark Plankstadt
  4. Tierpark Walldorf
  5. Wildgehege Rheinauer Wald
  6. Vogelpark Heddesheim
  7. Gaststätte Vogelpark
  8. Angelbach Tierpark Rauenberg
  9. Luisenpark Mannheim
  10. Verein der Tierfreunde Balzfeld e.V.
  11. Orchideen Netzer & Café Orchidee
  12. Vogelpark Viernheim
  13. Malsch Tierpark

City Tours & Guided Walks

1.5-Hour Walking Tour in the Old Town of Heidelberg
On this 1.5-hour guided walking tour you experience the exciting, romantic, humorous and interesting stories of Heidelberg’s old town. See for yourself why Heidelberg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany with a qualified tour guide.
Dauer: 1.5h| ab 9
Heidelberg: 2-Hour Spooky Tour with Hangman’s Daughter
Explore the old town of Heidelberg on a special 2-hour walking tour. Hear the gruesome stories of a nearly forgotten profession from the Middle Ages until the 19th century, told by Hangman's Daughter.
Dauer: 2h| ab 15
HeidelbergCard: 1, 2, or 4 Days with Free Lanyard
With just one card valid for 1, 2, or 4 days you can discover the city of Heidelberg at your own pace. With the Heidelberg Card you get entrance tickets to Heidelberg Castle, a cable car ride up to the castle, and many discounts and special offers.
Dauer: | ab 21.5
Heidelberg & Neckar Valley: Segway Tour - 360 Degrees
Discover Heidelberg's sights during a Segway tour. Drive along the Philosophenweg, enjoy the landscape of the Neckar Valley, drive up to the Heidelberg Castle and past the Wolfsbrunnen Restaurant.
Dauer: 2.5h| ab 69
Heidelberg: Sightseeing Bus and Castle Tour
Experience Heidelberg by a comfortable bus tour with an expert guide, followed by a tour of the grounds of Heidelberg Castle.
Dauer: 2h| ab 28
Heidelberg: 2-Hour Walking Tour with Night Watchman
Discover the dark side of the romantic old town of Heidelberg on this 2-hour walking tour. Hearo stories from the costumed night watchman as you explore the city in the evening and learn all about murder, monsters, and myths.
Dauer: 2h| ab 15
Segway Tour Heidelberg - Highly Philosophical!
Experience Heidelberg from a whole new perspective. Enjoy the fascinating views and insights that this highly philosophical Segway Tour along the Philosophers’ Walk has to offer!
Dauer: 105min| ab 49
Heidelberg: City of Romance 2-Hour Walking Tour
Be enchanted by Heidelberg, the city of romance, on this 2-hour tour of the city. Explore the Old Town and admire the most interesting sights including one of the longest pedestrian zones in Germany and the Church of the Holy Spirit.
Dauer: 2h| ab 105
Heidelberg: Private 3-Hour Tour with Castle Visit
Discover the picturesque old town of Heidelberg and its castle ruins on this private 3-hour historical walking tour. Stroll along one of the longest pedestrian zones in Germany, admire the beautiful Old Bridge, and see the Church of the Spirit.
Dauer: 3h| ab 125
Heidelberg Highlights Segway Tour with Castle
Discover the sights of Heidelberg on a Segway tour and enjoy the fantastic landscape along the Neckar. Ride to Heidelberg Castle and see the newly-renovated Wolfsbrunnen restaurant.
Dauer: 2h| ab 59
Heidelberg: 2-Hour Crime Tour with Costumed Guide
Enjoy a spooky 2-hour tour through Heidelberg and discover the dark past of the city.Hear gruesome and scary stories from your costumed tour guide and explore the famous sights in the old town.
Dauer: 2h| ab 15
Heidelberg: 2-Hour Kayak Tour
Get to know the city of Heidelberg from a new perspective — on the water. Explore the culture, history, and nature Heidelberg from the River Neckar.
Dauer: 2h| ab 59
Heidelberg Castle Tour: Residence of the Electors
Explore Heidelberg Castle, ruling over the valley of Heidelberg from high above. The castle rises up from the middle of a lush green forest of the Odenwald on a steep hill above the valley floor: the Königstuhl.
Dauer: 1.5h| ab 95
Segway Tour of Heidelberg
This Segway tour through Heidelberg opens up a world of new experiences! Float through the beautiful town and view it from a totally new perspective! Enjoy breathtaking views from the surrounding hills, and see the beautiful landscapes of the wine region.
Dauer: 2.5h| ab 69
Heidelberg: Craft Beer and Street Food Tour
Explore the street food and craft beer scene of Heidelberg on a tasting tour that can be customized to your desires. Sample different sausages loved by the locals, get the chance to watch food heroes at work and much more.
Dauer: 3h| ab 298
Guided Tour of Student Rabble, Whore Pack and the French War
Explore Heidelberg with this living history tour. Go back to the 19th century and discover the romantic old town with your charming tour guide.
Dauer: 1.5h| ab 259
Heidelberg History Tour
Take a trip back in time and get to know the historical side of Heidelberg's Old Town. Hear amusing anecdotes and interesting stories about the city's sights.
Dauer: 2h| ab 229.5
From Ladenburg: Segway Tour to Weinheim
Embark on a Segway tour from Ladenburg to quaint Weinheim. Be inspired by the interesting sights and views, enjoy an exciting ride along Bergstraße (Mountain Road) and visit a brewery or castle.
Dauer: 2.5h| ab 79
Heidelberg: Group Tour with the Night Watchman
Let the night watchman lead you on an extraordinary city tour through the dark passageways of the old town of Heidelberg. Follow in the footsteps of murderers, witches and executioners and hear myths and legends.
Dauer: 1.5h| ab 249
Bond, Girls and Spies
Interactive teambuilding witch elements from the world of spies and secret agents.
Dauer: 3h| ab 89
Heidelberg Tour: Witches' Dance and Monks' Death
Follow woodsman Hubertus Heimbold on his hunt through the "terrifying" forest and hear stories of eerie happenings and historical events.
Dauer: 2h| ab 275
Neckargemünd: 2.5-Hour Segway Tour on the Mark Twain Trail
Follow the trail of Mark Twain on a 2.5-hour Segway tour of Neckar Valley. Travel comfortably through the pretty town of Neckargemünd by Segway and hear how Twain depicted Heidelberg in A Tramp Abroad. See majestic castles and the view from Dilsberg too.
Dauer: 2.5h| ab 79
Culinary Tour of Heidelberg
This culinary tour takes you through the winding lanes of Heidelberg's old town, accompanied by a night guard or daughter of a hangman. Enjoy the dinner courses in typical restaurants.
Dauer: 4h| ab 99
Heidelberg: Old Town Tour for School Children
Experience a family-friendly discovery tour of the old town of Heidelberg. Immerse yourself in a world of witches, robbers and the power of the church as you admire historic buildings, landmarks, and coats of arms.
Dauer: 1.5h| ab 105

The weather in Heidelberg

The weather report for Heidelberg on 01.01.1970:

Heidelberg Infos

Population 161.485
Area 10.883 km2
Postal code69001

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