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Krefeld in the Lower Rhine region likes to call itself the "velvet and silk city" because of the silk fabric production located here. The production of high-quality textiles made Krefeld one of the richest places in what was then Prussia in the 19th century. Even today, much of this can still be felt. The "silk barons" promoted art and invested in architecture and design. During a visit you will discover buildings by the famous architect Mies van der Rohe. The cultural scene offers a varied program of theater, dance, music and visual arts. An interesting contrast is the historic moated castle of Linn with its associated landscape museum.

Where is Krefeld?

Krefeld is a German city in the west of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, around 19 km northwest of the state capital Düsseldorf. There are about 227.000 inhabitants living in Krefeld.

Weather in Krefeld

Der Wetterbericht für Krefeld am 24.03.2023: Ganztägig recht wechselhaft. Zeitweise besteht die Möglichkeit von Regen bei Temperaturen von 10 bis 14 Grad und mäßigem Wind aus Südwest bis West. tagsüber wird durchschnittlich eine Temperatur von 8 °C erreicht, nachts kühlen die Temperaturen auf bis zu 0 °C ab.

Wetter am 25.03.2023: starker Regen
Wetter am 26.03.2023: gewittrige Schauer möglich
Wetter am 27.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schneeregenschauer möglich
Wetter am 28.03.2023: wolkig
Wetter am 29.03.2023: wechselhaft, Schauer möglich
Wetter am 30.03.2023: regnerisch, Auflockerungen möglich
14° 10°

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