Caribbean Sea

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The Caribbean attracts many vacationers every year. The Caribbean Sea enchants with crystal clear and turquoise waters and miles of white sandy beaches with palm trees and tropical vegetation. It is a tributary sea of the Atlantic Ocean and forms a unit with the American Mediterranean and the Gulf of Mexico. The Caribbean Sea, on the edge of the West Indies, is known for the second voyage of Christopher Columbus, who set out one more time in 1492 to reach India, but ended up in the Caribbean. It took him ten weeks to get from Gran Canaria to the Caribbean. Today, modern ships manage the route in 14 days. Numerous rivers flow into the Caribbean Sea, so it carries a lot of fresh water in combination with heavy rain. This creates a layer with higher salinity, which pushes over it and also favors the formation of storms. In the Caribbean Sea there are sharks whose fascinating way of life can be observed by tourists. In addition, the Caribbean is a true diver's paradise.


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